After losing his son at Sandy Hook, Lenny Pozner spent ten years fighting fake news

Ten years to the day after the shooting, some Americans still believe the death of 6-year-old Noah was a lie, despite his father’s efforts and court convictions.

This insane theory was mainly popularized by Alex Jones, an ultra-conservative personality whose far-right Infowars site widely disseminated the worst fake newsBy arguing, in particular, that the parents of the deceased children were “crisis actors  (a term reused by Vladimir Putin during the war in Ukraine).

The host has, among other things, designated Lenny on several occasions as the number 1 plotter of Sandy Hook. He disclosed his name and a lot of private information. “Which gave confidence to his listeners to seek me out.” And they are many. In 2018, more than 200,000 people a day connected to its site.

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