Historically, the majority of people who are helped by the HONR Network have come to us through word of mouth. Some are survivors or the family members of victims of a mass casualty incident, like a school shooting. Others are referred by lawyers in high-profile cases who find their clients are being re-victimized online. But the thing that most have in common is that they were a part of an event that was covered nationally by the media.

However, there are thousands of people, who don’t have national attention or who have never heard of the HONR Network, who could use our assistance. These are people who are the focus of local or regional media attention due to crimes, they are suffering online abuse and harassment due to the death or suicide of a loved one, they are being victimized at their schools or their jobs or by exes. Though not nationally known, they are suffering, we can help.

Volunteers of the Onboarding & Professional Research Team help us to find people victimized online and professionals who assist them, at a local level.

Volunteers name the community that they wish to research, generally selecting (but not limited to) their own city or state. By monitoring local or regional news and community focuses pages and sites and reporting back to us about victims, cases, and lawyers who are handling these cases or who specialize in cyber-crime, we can better reach people who need our help.

Volunteers DO NOT contact victims or professionals directly. They report their findings below and the Onboarding Administrator makes contact.


If you are interested in volunteering with the Onboarding & Professional Research Team, please complete the form below and the Onboarding Administrator will contact you with more information.


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