Like the vast majority of non-profit organizations, the HONR Network relies on the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsors in order to fulfill our mission. Unlike most non-profits however, we have never had a dedicated fund raising effort, focusing on reporting and removals instead of marketing and donations. But, as the need for reporting grows and the number of victims rises, we find that we do need to raise funds in order to better serve.

We are therefore creating a Fundraising and Marketing Team to help us raise funds, raise our social media profile, and better market our organization. This team is comprised of three groups:

Corporate Fundraising Team – People who work in corporations can investigate their company’s corporate donations, donation matching, and other sponsorship programs and report back to us to initiate program participation. Team members can also investigate the corporate sponsorship and giving programs of other companies. This is a great team for those interested in corporate giving, grant writing, and non-profit administration.

Influencer Team – Volunteers can research influencers, celebrities, politicians, and other personalities who may be willing to financially sponsor the HONR Network or who are most likely to promote our work to their own followers through T-shirt campaigns, donation campaigns, or mentions. We are working on a better social media presence, including an Instagram page, so volunteers passionate about social media will be most helpful.

Community Team – If you are super organized and like to help others, the community team may be a perfect fit. From helping others set up online Facebook birthday or special event donation parties to organizing walkathons, fun runs, and silent auctions offline, the community team helps create and manage events.

Fundraising and Marketing Team Volunteer - Form

If you are interested in volunteering with the Fundraising and Marketing Team, please complete the form below and the Onboarding Administrator will contact you with more information.


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