The primary mission of the HONR Network is to protect victims of online abuse, hate, and harassment through the reporting and removal of content, from social media and online platforms, that violates a person’s civil rights. While we have focused on assisting survivors and the family members of victims of mass causality incidents and high-profile crimes, the HONR Network helps anyone who is being abused online.

Annually, we report tens of thousands of pieces of content, a feat achieved largely through the dedication and hard work of volunteers who find and report content for review. While we work closely with social media platforms, resulting in policies that better protect people, our successes have brought increased challenges. Media coverage and greater awareness about the HONR Network has resulted in a huge increase in people asking for assistance. Legal wins against hoaxers and conspiracy theorists have lead to more victims seeking legal intervention and documentation. These changes have resulted in our need to develop a larger, more organized, and more focused Search and Report Team.

The backbone of the HONR Network, volunteers on the Search and Report Team play an integral role in our success and in the protection of victims. Team members are tasked with searching for and reporting content that is illegal or violates a specific platform’s TOS. This requires a strong stomach and the ability to recognize the difference between content that is objectionable and content that is actually “actionable.” This can be emotionally challenging, but ultimately rewarding as our work directly protects those who are being victimized or re-victimized.

If you are organized and can dedicate a few hours of time a week to ridding the internet of hate, harassment, and abuse, we would love to have you as a part of the HONR Search and Report Team.

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